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Gilt Taste

The Rise of Wild Beer



Unlocking the Brain

Making Connections


Chronicle of Higher Eduction

From Bench to Bunker

For Science Ph.D.s, There is No One True Path



Los Angeles Times

Underground carbon dioxide storage likely would cause earthquakes

Fear factor seems relevant in decomposing bug’s effect on soil

Robot mimics infants’ word learning

Use of imaging tests soars, raising question on radiation risk

A better type of clinical trial?

Trial of artificial pancreas gives patients a break



Seed Magazine

Of Mice and Models

Predicting Outbreaks

Voodoo That Scientists Do


Revolutionary Minds Podcast: Michelle Borkin, Astronomical Medicine

Revolutionary Minds Podcast: Aleksandra M. Walczak, Stochastic Biology

Revolutionary Minds Podcast: Fernando Esponda, Immunocomputing

Revolutionary Minds Podcast: Heejung Kim, Genetic Acculturation

Revolutionary Minds Podcast: Lambros Malafouris, Neuroarchaeology


Columbia University–Basic and Translational Neuroscience 30th Annual Postgraduate Review Course

I was responsible for editing transcripts and writing summaries of all lectures. Entire course can be found here. It’s a pretty great course.